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Matt Riddle Accused of Sexual Abuse


WWE Raw Superstar Matt Riddle is in more hot water after being accused of sexual abuse by his former girlfriend.

Earlier this month, Riddle was written off of WWE TV with an attack by Solo Sikoa, allegedly covering up his second violation of WWE’s Wellness Policy.

Riddle was recently spotted with adult film actress Misha Montana, but it is Jordan Maxx (another actress) who has said that Riddle has entered rehab.


After his split with his now ex-wife Lisa, Riddle was seen with Daniella Petrow, and it was reported that they were in a relationship.

On Twitter, Petrow spoke about Riddle and claimed the former WWE United States Champion was abusive during their relationship.

Petrow called Montana Riddle’s “newest victim,” and said she thought Riddle would have changed after the “Candy Cartwright days.”

Cartwright, an indie wrestler, accused Riddle of sexual assault and blocking her from getting bookings, but her lawsuit was dropped in July 2021.

Petrow made her views clear on Riddle, saying that he has a history of targeting women with his alleged behavior.

“You have been conned into loving a man who uses your love to then take advantage of you, to then manipulate you, to sexually abuse you, to torment you.”

Daniela Petrow.


The Original Bro has reportedly entered rehab due to his violations of the Wellness Policy, which Petrow believes is not enough.

In a video, Petrow spoke about the “pedestal of fame” around Riddle and said that rehab won’t fix him.

“Rehab’s not gonna f*cking help him. He still has this f*cking job. He’s still gonna f*cking do what he’s doing.”

Daniela Petrow.

Petrow added that WWE needs to part ways with Riddle to send him a message.

“People, wake the f*ck up. WWE, you need to fire his ass. And 30 days in rehab is not enough time to fix what’s f*cking wrong with this man. Charges might.”

Daniel Petrow.

Riddle has not responded publicly to the allegations against him.