Matt Hardy put over MJF as the future face of AEW.

While predicting who would win the AEW World Championship at Full Gear on the latest episode of The Extreme Life of Matt Hardy, Hardy agreed with host Jon Alba that MJF will become AEW World Champion on Saturday night. “I feel like it’s MJF’s time. It’s very interesting because of where the pay-per-view is located. Not too far from his home base. He’s been doing some great work. He’s extremely talented young man and he’s a guy that’s going to be the future of AEW for a long time, I think so. Even as much as he jokes around, ‘my contract is coming up. They want me up North, brother. They want me at the ‘E’.’ I think he’s going to be the face of AEW for a long time.”

Matches Matt Hardy is looking forward to at Full Gear

Saraya Britt

Alba and Hardy discussed AEW focusing on a women’s storyline that doesn’t involve a championship. “It is nice to see them just highlight them because of their stardom and that’s why they’re going to have the match. Their promos the last couple of weeks have been really strong. They’ve really talked a lot of people into buying a ticket and wanting to see this match.

After singing, “Be The Elite, be, be, be the Elite”, Hardy said he wants to be in The Elite. “Maybe I’m the one that recovered them after they were DELETED!” Hardy joked that the headline will be that he wants to join The Elite. “Anything to not kill the cockroach (his career),” he joked.

He’s “pumped” for The Elite vs. Death Triangle. “Whoever wins that match –I’m going to say this, right here, right now though — Death Triangle and The Elite, myself and Private Party, Hardy Party, we are focusing on these six man tags right now; these Trios matches. We want to come looking for those titles. I’m going to go ahead and say that right now. Whoever wins that match, we want to come looking for those titles.” A few weeks ago, Hardy said that the Hardy Party could be looking for Trios titles after they reunited.

Hardy believes The Elite vs. Death Triangle will steal the show.