Mandy Rose’s agent says the former NXT Women’s Champion has made a whopping $500,000 on the subscription-based platform FanTime in just one week after WWE released her.

Rose’s agent, Malki Kawa, tells TMZ Sports that the 32-year-old is on track to become a self-made millionaire by Christmas, thanks to her successful content on FanTime. They expect Rose’s income on the platform will only continue to grow in the coming months.

Prior to her release, Rose had a successful career on NXT’s roster, holding the Women’s Championship for over 400 days. She lost the title to Roxanne Perez on December 13 and WWE released her from her contract the next day.

The controversy surrounding Rose’s firing comes from WWE’s policies regarding third-party platforms. In 2020, Vince McMahon, then-CEO and chairman of WWE sent a letter to all wrestlers stating they must stop using any platforms that could potentially harm the company’s image.

Rose’s firing has sparked debate among wrestling fans. Some believe that WWE made the right decision in upholding its strict policies, while others argue that wrestlers should have the freedom to pursue income outside the company.

Her success on FanTime has proven that she has a dedicated fan base and the talent to attract new followers. It’s possible that her time with WWE may have helped her build a strong foundation for her personal brand, and now she can take that success and run with it on her terms.

Regardless of where one stands on the issue, it’s undeniable that Rose’s earning power has not diminished since her departure from WWE. In fact, it appears that her firing has only served to boost her income and visibility.

Despite her release, Mandy Rose has received support from fans and fellow wrestlers, including AEW star Saraya. Rose’s success on FanTime suggests she has a bright future ahead of her, even without a WWE paycheck.