WWE has made major changes to its Wellness Policy which could see Superstars receive more violations before being released.

The Wellness Policy was introduced in the early 2000s in the wake of the sudden death of Eddie Guerrero, who died aged 38 of heart failure.

Traditionally, a Superstar who violates the policy will receive a 30-day suspension for their first violation, and a 60-day suspension for their second violation.

A third violation traditionally results in a Superstar being released.

Matt Riddle

Earlier this month, Matt Riddle was written off of WWE TV with an attack by Solo Sikoa, which is believed to be due to his second violation of the Wellness Policy.

On the Wrestling Observer Forums, a fan said that Riddle will be fired upon his next suspension from the company.

In response, Dave Meltzer said that WWE has changed the roles, thanks in part to multiple prominent names having two suspensions to their name already.

Meltzer said that the “wrestling war” between WWE and AEW has affected the rule change, as WWE does not want any of those big names on two violations becoming ‘All-Elite.’

It was also noted that somebody with two suspensions could intentionally fail a test to get out of their contract, something that cannot happen with this new rule.

It is unclear how many violations now result in a Superstar’s release, or if there is a fixed number.

Riddle and Rehab

WWE has reported that Riddle is not expected back for six weeks after the attack by Sikoa.

It has been reported that Riddle has entered rehab for his drug issues, though this claim has not been publicly confirmed by WWE.

Riddle is also facing allegations of abuse by his ex-girlfriend Daniela Petrow and has been dating multiple adult film actresses.