WWE Superstar Logan Paul may have won over fans with his in-ring work, but his participation with an online project is earning him serious scrutiny.

Paul made his in-ring debut for WWE at WrestleMania 38 in April, and would defeat The Miz at Summerslam 2022.

Last month, Paul suffered his first loss in WWE, coming up short against Undisputed WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns.


On his Impaulsive podcast, the WWE Superstar shared great excitement for CryptoZoo, a “fun game” that allows players to earn money.

The game allows users to buy animal eggs, which then hatch into unique NFTs that can be traded and sold online.

Coin Edition reports that the game is little more than a scam, as users have been unable to cash out their earnings.

One user who goes by the name HelicopterBob, invested $7,000 into the game and has seen no return on his investment.

Paul has come under fire for using Adobe Stock images and photoshopping them into ‘art’ as part of CryptoZoo, despite claiming that each image is “hand made art.”


Paul has previously claimed that the problems stem from CryptoZoo’s developer, who created a code and then ran off with it to Switzerland.

The developer allegedly would not do any more work on the project unless they were paid $1 million by Paul.

When YouTuber Coffeezilla spoke to developers, they claimed they were not paid by Paul so stopped working on the game.

Paul’s agent Jeffrey Levin refused to give a comment when asked, and Coffezilla has claimed that Logan Paul has blocked him on social media.

Coffeezilla’s full video on Paul’s game can be found by clicking the link here.