Liv Morgan may still have years ahead of her in the wrestling business, but she also has big plans after her time in the ring.

Morgan signed with WWE in 2014, and this year captured the Women’s Money in the Bank contract and the SmackDown Women’s Championship.

At WWE Extreme Rules in October, Morgan lost the title to Ronda Rousey and has teased a darker edge to her character.


At just 28 years old, Morgan is still young into her wrestling career, but she has acting plans for when her wrestling career ends.

Speaking to Twin Talk with Haley & Hanna Cavinder, Morgan spoke about already having some experience under her belt.

“Immediately, day after retirement, I’d like to be doing movies. I’ve been lucky enough to have some opportunities within WWE. I was in Chucky season two and I got killed by Chucky, which was a dream and amazing. It was so cool. I never get starstruck over anyone, but when I saw Chucky, I was so starstruck.”

Liv Morgan.

Morgan also revealed that she recently filmed a role for ‘The Kill Room’ a Uma Thurman and Samuel L Jackson project that has yet to be released.

Other Plans

Morgan is hoping to do more in the world of acting, but that’s not all she has planned.

In the interview, the former SmackDown Women’s Champion added that she also plans on expanding her soap business.

Like many wrestlers, Morgan said that getting into real estate is an option that is “always in the back of my mind.”

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