Liv Morgan is having the most successful year of her WWE career, but she’s already planning ahead for life after pro wrestling.

At 28 years old, she could be an active competitor for many years to come. Advancements in nutrition and training allow for wrestlers to compete well into their late 30’s, even early-to-mid 40’s. That said, it’s never too early to start planning ahead.

Not everybody wants to wrestle until they are physically unable to. Many people view WWE as a chance to gain financial security, become famous and branch out into other fields. Back in October, Morgan fulfilled a lifelong dream by getting killed on screen by Chucky of the popular Child’s Play horror series.

Liv Morgan’s Future After Wrestling

Morgan recently appeared on the Twin Talk with Haley & Hanna Cavinder podcast. The Cavinder Twins signed with WWE last year as part of the company’s NIL (Next In Line) project to recruit collegeate athletes.

During their discussion, Morgan revealed that she’s already studying to become a real estate broker. She still has a long road ahead, but she hopes to one day open her own brokerage.

She revealed that she recently had “kind of a quarter-life crisis.” Despite her accomplishments, she felt that she was not doing enough with her life. She’s a successful public figure, but highly-motivated people are rarely satisfied with their accomplishments.

Morgan says a real estate brokerage license is just one of the new interests she’s decided to pursue. She also opened up a soap business and began taking acting classes.

Between real estate, her soap business and acting, she’s most looking forward to getting into movies when her days in the ring are over. She reiterated that getting killed by Chucky was a dream. She was starstruck by the killer doll and “melted” when she saw him in person for the first time.

Morgan also has a movie in the works titled, “The Kill Room” with Uma Thurman and Samuel L. Jackson. She acknowledged that movie roles like this are available to her due to the popularity of WWE’s platform.

She has a lot going on outside of WWE, but has no plans to retire any time soon. While discussing real estate, her soap business and acting, Morgan said, “One day, if I ever part ways, I mean I will wrestle forever…”