From uninspired storylines to older stars taking the spots of younger talents, there were a number of factors that led to the downfall of TNA after a historic rise. One such factor was sideling top stars such as Kurt Angle when factions like Aces & Eights dominated the TV programs.

The Olympic Gold Medallist talked about this time in the company’s history on the latest episode of his podcast. He was asked if the officials ever invited him to be part of the infamous faction. Angle replied negatively saying that he is glad he was never asked to join the group:

“No. no, they didn’t. I’m glad they didn’t. I don’t think I would have liked being [a part of it]. I know this – if I would have went in, I wouldn’t have been one of the top guys. I would have been hanging out in the mid card somewhere so that it wouldn’t [have] help me at any point in time.”

-Kurt Angle

‘It Grew Out Of Control’: Kurt Angle

When Aces & Eights were running rough shots at the TNA roster, top stars such as Kurt Angle and AJ Styles were working a meaningless programs. Speaking about the time, the former TNA champion discussed how they were just trying to stay relevant and figure out what their position in the roster would be once the storyline was over:

“That was the problem, the Aces & Eights storyline took over TV. It got so big. Same exact thing happened with the nWo in WCW. It was a cool little faction, then all of sudden it grew and out of control. They were just too many. At this point in time, there were a lot of members of Aces & Eights.

We were just treading water just trying to get through the storyline and see where our places were going to be afterward. It’s really difficult when they’re doing a storyline [and] they’re not trying to involve you. You’re not really involved in the storyline. That’s the main storyline going on TV and you got your top two guys – AJ Styles and Kurt Angle, that’s no part of it.”

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