WWE Hall Of Famer Kurt Angle has opened up about his DUI arrest from 2007.

Angle recently took to his podcast to reflect on his time from TNA, discussing a variety of topics from his time with the company. One such topic being a 2007 DUI arrest he suffered shortly after joining TNA.

It was the beginning of a long string of DUIs that Angle said ultimately forced him to check into rehab in 2013.

“I was having a tough time. I was making horrible decision. Irresponsible decisions. Getting four DUIs in five years was just ridiculous. When you’re doing that, you know you have a problem. I didn’t want to admit it until I ended up going to rehab in 2013. It took me awhile to come to my gripes, but eventually I did.”

Kurt Angle

The initial DUI occurred in September of 2007, when the Moon Township Police Department in Moon Township, Pennsylvania arrested Angle at his home after a report of erratic driving from a local bar.

Ultimately, Angle was found not guilty of the charges after the complaining witness was unable to corroborate the story. However, Angle would find himself in hot water with the law at least four more times for driving under the influence.

Since checking into rehab in 2013, Angle seems to have been doing much better for himself. In 2017, Angle was inducted into the WWE Hall Of Fame by John Cena. He has made sporadic appearances for the company since.