Kurt Angle was one of the top stars of TNA. He got to wrestle with some of the best in-ring talent there. This list includes none other than AJ Styles, who Angle credits for making him a better wrestler.

The Olympic Gold Medallist talked about his time in TNA on the latest episode of his podcast. He specifically discussed the Aces & Eights storyline and the problems with it.

Angle was involved in a story with AJ Styles at the time where the two formed a team. Commenting on his experience of sharing the ring with AJ, Kurt said that everyone who gets in the ring with him becomes better:

“Whether I was alongside him as a tag team or working with him, he made me better. Every time I wrestled with him or against him, he made me better.

That’s the kind of guy AJ is, that’s the kind of athlete he is. Everybody he gets in the ring with, he makes the match better and the other person better.”

-Kurt Angle

The former world champion was involved in a storyline with AJ Styles in mid-2012. They faced each other on a couple of occasions before forming a tag team.

The team of Angle and Styles even held the TNA World Tag Team Championship for a brief period. The two stars then went their separate ways after being unsuccessful in recapturing the titles.

You can check out the full episode of The Kurt Angle Show below:

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