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Kurt Angle is Willing to Wrestle Shane McMahon Again… For the Right Price


Kurt Angle is ready to don his singlet and wrestling boots for a rematch with Shane McMahon, but the match won’t come cheap.

At the 2001 King of the Ring Pay-Per-View, Angle wrestled three times, defeating Christian in the titular tournament semi-finals, before losing to Edge in the finals.

Angle’s third match of the night saw him defeat Shane McMahon in a Street Fight which continues to be considered one of the best matches of both men’s respective careers.

Shane McMahon

Shane McMahon did not spend years honing his craft on the independents before wrestling for his father’s company, but he made up for any lack of experience in the ring.

McMahon’s death-defying stunts would not look out of place in any hardcore indie promotion, and on his podcast, Angle had nothing but praise for Shane O’Mac.

“Shane was great. I always loved working with him. Whether we were wrestling or cutting promos. We’ll never live down the match at King of the Ring. No matter how many times I wrestle Shane we will never duplicate that match, ever.”

Kurt Angle.

The King of the Ring match is perhaps best remembered for Shane being thrown through the show’s glass staging, twice.

The Rematch

In total, Kurt Angle wrestled for 45 minutes and 9 seconds at King of the Ring 2001, an impressive feat considering he’d been a WWF Superstar for little over a year.

Speaking about facing Shane in a rematch, Kurt said that to do so would cost a lot of money.

“man, that’s tough. Well, that would have to be a lot of money, I’m talking ten million.”

Kurt Angle.

Angle hasn’t competed since his WWE WrestleMania 35 loss to Baron Corbin in April 2019.

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