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Kevin Owens is “Ashamed” to Admit Why He Couldn’t Enjoy WWE Universal Title Run


Kevin Owens will go down in history as the second-ever WWE Universal Champion, but the Prizefighter did not enjoy his time on top.

Owens won the vacated title on the August 29, 2016, episode of Monday Night Raw, defeating Seth Rollins, Big Cass, and Roman Reigns, albeit with help from Triple H.

The title, which was won by Finn Balor at that year’s Summerslam, had been vacated due to a shoulder injury the Irish Superstar suffered during his title match.

Biggest Lesson

Owens has been with WWE since 2014, but established his name on the independent scene years prior to signing.

Speaking on After the Bell, Owens was asked about what advice he’d give his younger self, and encouraged them to stop and smell the proverbial roses.

“I used to always want more and more and more. What’s next? What’s next? What’s next? There are so many moments over the past eight years that I didn’t properly enjoy because I was always worried about what was the next thing.”

Owens also expressed an interest in a return to the indies, believing it is possible now as part of WWE’s new regime.

Universal Champion.

Kevin Owens’ Universal title win marked the first (and to-date only) World Championship for the Canadian on the main roster.

Unfortunately, Owens couldn’t stop and smell the proverbial roses as he was frustrated during his run on top.

On the podcast, the Canadian Superstar explained why he could not enjoy his reign.

“When I was Universal Champion, I had this incredible run with Chris Jericho and so many great moments, so many fun moments that people still talk about today. I’m ashamed to say that I really did not enjoy that as much as I should have.

“I’m ashamed to say that I really did not enjoy that as much as I should have.”

Kevin Owens.

“I enjoy it now looking back. When I watch the stuff we were doing together, it’s so fun, it’s so good. But in that moment, I wouldn’t take the time to appreciate what I was doing because I was worried. ‘Okay next week, what are we doing?’”

Owens’ reign would end at Fastlane 2017 when he was squashed by Bill Goldberg, after being distracted by his former friend Chris Jericho.