Kevin Owens could soon be tearing it up on the independent scene once more, despite being a WWE Superstar.

Prior to signing with WWE in 2014, Owens competed as Kevin Steen in various promotions, including CZW, PWG and Ring of Honor.

The Prizefighter is one of several indie names to make it big in WWE, including El Generico (Sami Zayn,) Tyler Black (Seth Rollins,) and Matt Riddle.

Nakamura Vs. Muta

On January 1, Shinsuke Nakamura will face the Great Muta for Pro Wrestling NOAH, as part of Muta’s retirement tour.

Speaking about the match on WWE After the Bell, Owens expressed his excitement as a fan of both men to see the match.

“When I saw the announcement for the match, they had it when Shinsuke’s music hit in the video, it gave me absolute goosebumps. Knowing how incredible that is for the fans, it’s such a treat, it’s such a surprise. You never would have thought that it was something that could happen. Not only is it happening but it’s something I’m sure means a lot for Shinsuke.”

Muta Vs. Nakamura will take place as part of NOAH’s The New Year 2023 event at Budokan Hall.

Return to the Indies

The idea of a WWE-contracted Superstar working for Pro Wrestling NOAH would have seemed unfeasible during the Vince McMahon era of the company.

Since McMahon’s retirement, Stephanie McMahon, Nick Khan, and Triple H have made several changes to a WWE that feels much different.

When asked if he hopes to see more crossover between WWE and other promotions, Owens expressed a desire to return to the independent scene while still working for WWE.

“Yeah, for sure [I’d like to have matches on the indies.] I’m very deeply rooted in the independent scene. That’s where I came up. I still have so many friends there. There are a few wrestling companies, independent companies that I still hold very near and dear to my heart that I’d love to maybe one day show back up on just for fun whether it’s a promo or maybe it’s a match.

“Now it feels like more of a possibility than ever.”

Kevin Owens on return to the Indpendents whilst working for WWE.

“That’s stuff that over the years I’ve always thought ‘hey man, it’d be really cool if I get to do that one day.’ Now it feels like more of a possibility than ever. And that doesn’t mean it’s going to happen but it feels that it could now. And that’s very exciting. The fans and the wrestlers.”

Owens concluded by highlighting how there is incredible talent on the independents, as people have dedicated themselves to an industry where it is difficult to make a living.

“If you get someone from the independent scene, most of the time, you’ll get someone who is very passionate.”

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