WWE Hall of Famer Kevin Nash has some suggestions for changes the promotion’s new regime could make.

In July, Vince McMahon retired as WWE’s CEO, Chairman, and Head of Creative, due to allegations of misconduct with female employees.

With McMahon gone, Stephanie McMahon and Nick Khan serve as Co-CEOs, with Stephanie as Chairwoman, while Triple H is Head of Creative.


Under the new regime, several released Superstars have been brought back including Bray Wyatt, Karrion Kross, and Dakota Kai among others.

During the latest Kliq This, Nash gave his suggestions for improvements WWE can make now with Vince McMahon, not a factor.

“I would have fewer house shows. They’ve already shown for a fact, during COVID that it was more profitable for them not to do live events.”

Kevin Nash.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, WWE went for over a year without Live events due to rules regarding social gatherings.


Fewer WWE Live events isn’t the only suggestion that Nash, a two-time Hall of Famer, has made.

On his show, the former World Champion said that the production quality of WWE’s content could be seriously improved if changes are made.

“Come in on Sunday, and have a call sheet and shoot, you know, have the crew come in Saturday, and get all the locations in the building for all the shots, have a call sheet, come in and shoot two and three camera shots that that production crew could definitely edit and install on Monday. Instead of everything being shot with a single camera and giving it a completely different look. Then, as I’ve always wanted to do, shoot the show like The Larry Sanders Show. When it’s in the ring, it has that hard camera.

“That’s what I would do, then that way they’re the camera doesn’t go back and forth, which tells you it’s a camera. It’s the POV that goes back and forth, and tells you, ‘I’m watching a televised show.’ This is part — It’s the only thing you watch that’s trying to convey any kind of a story that is shot with a single camera.”

Any changes to WWE’s production would have to be approved by Stephanie, Triple H, and Khan before being implemented.

h/t – BodySlam