Logan Paul turned in one hell of a performance against Roman Reigns earlier this month at WWE Crown Jewel. Paul left it on in the ring on November 5, proving that he’s got what it takes to ‘hang’ with the industry’s top star.

The 27-year-old megastar tore cartilage and ligaments in his right knee during the match. The injuries will keep him out of the ring for several months, but Paul is already training for his WWE return. His brother Jake Paul says his recovery is going better than expected and The Maverick is already plotting his next big match for WWE:

WWE Hall of Famer Kevin Nash commented on Paul’s Crown Jewel performance on the latest episode of his Kliq This podcast. Nash, who was billed at 6’10” during his active career, says he was a bit surprised how small Paul looked compared to Reigns.

I’m gonna say this… I’m gonna get browbeaten because God forbid if Kevin Nash was to let anybody that wasn’t nine feet tall wrestle… I didn’t realize he was that small. He was noticeably smaller than Roman Reigns.

– Kevin Nash on Logan Paul

Kid’s Talented

Logan Paul Roman Reigns

Roman Reigns has a muscular body, while Paul has a more athletic stature, but it’s not like Reigns (6’3″) towered over Paul (6’2″).

Nash did say, “the kid [Paul] is talented,” and it helped that Shawn Michaels helped train him for the match. However, Nash was hung up on Paul’s size.

“Look at the size of Roman’s head next to his,” Nash continued. “That’s the size of a man. He can have an eleven inch penis but if it’s like a number two pencil, that’s one thing, but if it’s got a head like a softball, you’re still gonna be the man. That looks like Hunter working against me, size-wise.”

All that aside, Logan Paul is planning to continue his WWE career when his injuries heel. Shortly after his match at Crown Jewel, Paul said he plans to be a WWE Superstar for a long time.