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Kevin Nash Claims Larry Zbyszko Got Stoned for WWE Hall of Fame Induction


Larry Zbyszko’s contributions to the wrestling world earned him a WWE Hall of Fame induction in 2015, but the ‘living legend’ was reportedly high throughout the ceremony.

On the night before WrestleMania 31, Zbyszko was inducted by his good friend Bruno Sammartino, who had been inducted two years earlier.

Zbyszko’s induction was part of a stacked class, which included the late ‘Macho Man’ Randy Savage, Rikishi, Alundra Blayze, The Bushwhackers, and Arnold Schwarzenegger.


That year’s WWE Hall of Fame also saw the singles induction of Kevin Nash for his work in WWE as Big Daddy Cool Diesel.

Speaking on his Kliq This podcast, Nash recalled Zbyszko mellowing out for his induction speech.

“I went into the Hall of Fame. So it’s 2015 and [Mean] Gene’s next to me, and Zbyszko had gotten stoned before [the show began.] Larry had gotten stoned before he went out and did the Hall of Fame. Of course, you think in your mind ‘I’ll get stoned and I’ll be really entertaining.’”

While Zbyszko believed that being high would help, Nash gave Mean Gene’s scathing review when the three were on a plane to leave San Francisco.

“I’m in [Row] C. Gene is D and Larry is on the other side of Gene in the aisle. And he says ‘how did I do Gene?’ And he replies ‘it was the absolute drizzling sh*ts. The worst thing I’ve ever seen in my life Larry.’ And Larry was waiting [for Gene to say something good about the speech] and he just turned back to me and was talking.”

“It was the absolute drizzling sh*ts!”

Mean Gene Okerlund’s review of Larry Zybszko’s WWE Hall of Fame induction.

WWE and Marijuana

WWE has always had an interesting relationship with marijuana and has both allowed and banned the substance multiple times.

Speaking about his own experiences, Nash recalled being able to use it during his first run, and not being allowed when he returned in 2002.

“The first three years we could smoke. The three years after that we couldn’t smoke. WWE had the ‘no steroid, no marijuana’ policy.”

Kevin Nash.

Nash also named his favorite person to smoke with, and picked someone fans wouldn’t have expected.

“One of my favorite people to hang out with on the road that I never got a chance to do much with is Chris Masters. The Masterlock. We were at a signing somewhere in Jersey. He made a pipe out of an apple and he and I got whacked! We ended up in lookers drinking Coronas. It was a good signing, a couple of hours. We went up the room and got baked.”

In April 20, of this year, it was reported that WWE would no longer be penalizing talent for the use of marijuana.