Jon Moxley lost the AEW World Championship to Maxwell Jacob Friedman, aka MJF, in the main event of AEW Full Gear.

Moxley had put the company on his back following the disastrous media scrum after All Out in September. Jon lost the title to CM Punk in the main event but wound up getting it back at Dynamite: Grand Slam by winning the Tournament of Champions.

William Regal was the lead of the Blackpool Combat Club for a few months but is now on his way back to WWE. Jon entered into a rivalry with Hangman Page after he returned from injury last week.

Jim Cornette on What is Next for Jon Moxley, Hangman Page as World Champion

Jim Cornette recently discussed former AEW World Champion Jon Moxley on episode 460 of the Jim Cornette Experience.

He wondered what AEW should do with Jon Moxley after he’s lost his championship and Wiliam Regal is no longer with the company. Cornette said that Jon should be facing off against a young heel that wanted to rub in his loss at the PPV.

Now’s the time to get a guy that’s on the ascent, a young heel, to go in there and have a program. And Moxley can probably win some or most of those, as long as you keep the young heel credible.

But it make that guy a step up the ladder working with the ex-World Champion. And as a matter of fact, Moxley should go back after MJF, and that heel that I was just speaking of that doesn’t exist, because it’s Hangnail (Hangman Adam Page).

He should be the one to f*** Moxley out of a rematch or in his rematch. But the time to plan all that was before the guy dropped the title.

Cornette claimed that Hangman Page has added nothing to his presentation since his AEW World Championship run. Jim claimed that Hangman Page has been the most disappointing champion so far.

If this is what they figured out for it to be, bleh. They are rewarding Page again for pretty much starting this whole goddamn fiasco.

He’s worthless as an attraction to begin with because the only people that want to see that bland, boring-ass imitation cowboy face are the same people that want to see the EVPs, which is shrinking by the week.

It’s the whole clown club. Page was the biggest disappointment that they’ve had as a World Champion and he’s added nothing to make himself any more interesting.

You can’t even turn Page heel because he’s so bland and disinteresting.

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