WWE Survivor Series WarGames aired live this past Saturday night in Boston, MA. The Bloodline battled the Brawling Brutes, Drew McIntyre, and Kevin Owens in the men’s WarGames match in the main event.

Kevin Owens had approached Sami Zayn the night prior on SmackDown and suggested that Sami turn on The Bloodline before they turn on him. Jey overheard the conversation and asked Zayn if he had talked to anyone. Sami lied and Jey informed the Tribal Chief at Survivor Series.

Roman brought Sami into his locker room and the Honorary Uce promised that he had The Bloodline’s back. He proved it by hitting Owens with a low blow, a Helluva Kick and then stepping aside to allow Jey to hit the Frog Splash for the pinfall victory.

Jim Cornette Reviews the Men’s WarGames Match

WWE legend Jim Cornette recently discussed the main event of Survivor Series WarGames on episode 459 of the Jim Cornette Experience. Cornette stated one of the issues with the match is that the heels are way more over than the babyfaces.

This was a 45-minute backdrop for Sami Zayn and Jey Uso to have issues and further that story. The heel team, The Bloodline was more popular, Sami especially gets big cheers.

But they chant for Roman, so the heels are more popular than the babyfaces. As I mentioned, half the guys are just kind of in there. They’re not really legitimate main event talent.

This long-running rivalry came up about six weeks ago.
At one point, at several points, like when Drew McIntyre got in, all of his other teammates were down.

So Drew goes face-to-face with Sammy and Jey, and kicks both of their asses while Drew’s teammates just lay there, sell, and watch him.

But as soon as he gets in trouble, they jump in and save him. And then they actually took bumps, and went back to the same place they were before.

Cornette noted how so many superstars had to wait around while the storyline between Owens and Zayn played out. He added that the match lasted 45 minutes but there was less than a half hour of action.

So Sami hits Kevin Owens in the balls but is then conflicted. And meanwhile, everybody else in the WarGames is still laying out so that this dramatic play going on in the middle of the ring can be completed.

And then Zayn hits the big kick and then gives him to Jey and Jey does the Splash off the top 1-2-3.
Well, it wasn’t your father’s WarGames. It was 45 minutes, they could have done the action part in about 25. The story takes precedence over the match and everything else, as usual in this company.

And they managed to make the WarGames look fake by just everybody doing the same s*** they do in regular matches, laying around waiting for their f***ing cue.

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