WWE NXT will soon see the debut of the promotion’s newest match stipulation: the Iron Survival Challenge

On this week’s WWE NXT, Shawn Michaels appeared to announce the new match, adding that NXT is a brand focused on “innovation.”

The match will have its debut on December 10, at WWE NXT’s newest event ‘NXT Deadl1ne.’

The Rules

With a brand new match type debuting, comes brand new rules for fans to learn.

In his announcement, Michaels confirmed that there will be two Iron Survivor Challenge, one men’s and one women’s match.

The 25-minute match will see five Superstars compete, with two opponents starting, with a new entrant entering every five minutes.

Every fall a Superstar earns grants them a point, and forces the pinned Superstar into a penalty box for 90 seconds.

The person with the most falls at the end of the match will be the winner.

The victors of the men’s and women’s matches will earn an NXT Championship match and NXT Women’s Championship match respectively.

NXT Deadl1ne

Little is known about NXT’s newest Premium event, but the timing of the show has been notable.

The event will be held on the same day as Ring of Honor’s Final Battle Pay-Per-View, the third major event for ROH since Tony Khan‘s purchase in March.

ROH Final Battle will have a special start time of 4 pm Eastern and is expected to finish before NXT Deadl1ne kicks off in the evening.

UFC 282 is also scheduled for December 10.