Fans of Arianna Grace will have to keep on waiting for the second-generation Superstar, who isn’t expected to return until the spring of next year.

Grace, real name Bianca Carelli, signed with WWE in February 2022, and received the Grace name in April of this year.

Last month, Grace suffered an injury, which was later reported to be a torn ACL.


Grace isn’t just a WWE Superstar, but is a second-generation Superstar, as she is the daughter of Santino Marella.

Speaking to Fightful, the ex-Intercontinental Champion said that Grace will be sidelined for the remainder of this year, and they are hopeful for a spring return.

Marella added that he is also fine with his daughter not using the Marella name, as he wants her to carve her own path in WWE, without being compared to him.

The Marella surname is actually a tribute to Gorilla Monsoon (Robert James Marella) who worked for decades in wrestling before his passing in 1999.


Santino Marella is excited for his daughter to get back in the ring, but don’t expect to see the pair in mixed-tag team action.

In the same interview, Santino said that while he remains active in the ring, his days as a wrestler are behind him as far as a career goes.

Marella is open to working as a producer or color commentator but said he wants to raise his children and is worried about the risk of injury.

Santino made his main roster debut in 2007, being pulled from the crowd as a ‘fan’ and defeating then-Intercontinental Champion Umaga, albeit thanks to Bobby Lashley.