AEW broadcaster Tony Schiavone wants to see AEW do more to utilize Renee Paquette.

Schiavone spoke about his new colleague on the latest episode of his What Happened When podcast. During an ‘Ask Tony Anything’ round of Q&A, Schiavone spoke very highly of Paquette. He’s thrilled to have her on board as part of the team. She is a polished performer, the consummate professional and is so good that she makes other peoples’ jobs easier.

Paquette debuted on the first-ever AEW Dynamite in Canada, over two years after departing WWE where she worked as Renee Young.

“She’s wonderful. She’s such a pro, she is so good on camera, at what she does and it prevents me from running backstage 100 times now, too. I’m just really, really thrilled about us having her, and hopefully we use her more.”

– Tony Schiavone on Renee Paquette

Paquette recently joined All Elite Wrestling nearly two years after leaving WWE. During that time, she became a mother, released a cook book and worked on several other projects outside of wrestling.

She performed several functions during her extended run with WWE. She conducted backstage interviews, hosted television and digital shows and was was the first full-time female announcer on Monday Night Raw for a short period of time.

On a recent episode of her own podcast, The Sessions, Paquette said she’s not really interested in calling matches in AEW, but did not rule that out entirely.

Capable broadcasters can make a huge difference on the overall product of a wrestling show. Paquette has only been with AEW for a few weeks, but Schiavone is already convinced she’s been an important addition to the team.

“She looks so great on camera,” he continued. “She’s so cool, one of our best hires in a long long time, she really is.”