Will Vince McMahon return to WWE after his shocking retirement in July? Ric Flair certainly hopes so.

The 77-year-old billionaire retired from WWE earlier this year due to allegations of misconduct with female employees and after paying millions of dollars in ‘hush money’ NDAs.

McMahon reportedly regrets retiring as CEO and Chairman and believes the allegations against him would have blown over had he stayed in his roles.


Since McMahon’s retirement, it has been reported that morale in WWE has improved significantly, with talent and staff no longer walking on eggshells.

Speaking about McMahon’s rumored comeback during the latest To Be The Man, Flair admitted he doesn’t know for sure but hopes it happens.

“I don’t know the answer to that. I wish he would come back in some capacity. I mean, obviously, Hunter and Stephanie [McMahon] are doing a great job, and trust me, it’s a big job, you know what I mean? At least they’re dividing the time. I see people periodically, and people are happy working for Hunter.

” I wish he would come back in some capacity.”

Ric Flair on Vince McMahon.

“Here’s the problem, it’s like in any business, you’re never gonna like everybody you work for. So, I’m sure there are some people [who] like working for Hunter, some people like better working for Vince. I can’t give you an honest answer. I just want him to be happy.”

McMahon’s Return – Could it Happen?

Although Vince McMahon is gone from WWE, he’s not entirely left the promotion he ran for four decades.

McMahon is the majority shareholder, owning over 30% of all stock, and due to how his stock is treated, the ex-CEO has approximately 80% of the voting power.

With that said, his return to WWE’s board and as CEO would face significant backlash from fans and the media, and could lead to a potential loss of sponsors.