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‘He Treats Us Like Athletes’


One of the biggest differences in the culture of AEW and WWE has been the treatment of stars. While WWE has historically been known to control the life of people signed to the company, AEW under Tony Khan gives them a lot more freedom. According to Jade Cargill, this quality of the AEW President is what convinced her to join the upstart promotion in 2020, over their rivals.

The TBS champion recently appeared on The Breakfast Club. She talked about many things including her debut storyline with Shaquille O’Neal. Cargill mentioned how she was going back and forth between WWE and AEW at the time. She gravitated towards the latter once Khan proved that he was willing to listen to her and collaborate:

“I was actually going between this company and another company at the same time. So I was going back and forth. But we have an owner Tony Khan, who’s hungry. [He] owns the Jaguars.” said Jade Cargill, “He owns a soccer team Fulham in England. The man is a billionaire. I love the fact that he treats us like athletes.

He understands like we need mental health days. We need time off. We have families at home. I have a five-year-old daughter so I want to be there as much as I can for her.  That’s the reason why I chose this company over the other company. They [have] seen something in me and they don’t treat me like a number. He was willing to listen to my dream and what I wanted and said ‘okay, I believe in you, and we’re gonna make this happen.’”

You can check out Jade Cargill’s full interview below: