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“He is a Vital Part of the Whole Thing”


The Undertaker has spoken highly of Sami Zayn and his work with The Bloodline.

Zayn has been aligned with Roman Reigns, The Usos, and Paul Heyman in recent months, but it started with him being a stooge as he did the faction’s dirty work and often took beatings from other WWE stars in their place. 

However, after repeatedly proving his loyalty, Reigns acknowledged him as “The Honorary Uce.” This shift caused tension with Jey Uso, which ended at WWE Survivor Series, where Zayn helped The Bloodline beat Drew McIntyre, Kevin Owens, Sheamus, Ridge Holland, and Butch in the Men’s WarGames Match.

Taker’s Praise

The Undertaker

Speaking with Justin Barrasso of Sports Illustrated, The Undertaker praised Zayn and his role in The Bloodline. 

“Sami’s character is so intriguing in that whole mix. It is very clear who The Bloodline is and what they stand for, and they go out and do their deal. But adding Sami gives so many more layers. Plus, you have that tension between Sami, The Usos, and Roman. It works so well,” The Undertaker said.

The WWE Hall of Famer noted that Zayn has never been a bigger star and is a vital part of the faction. 

“Sami is a vital part of the whole thing, and he’s never been a bigger star. But this is also important for The Bloodline. It gives them something new. Roman has been champion for over two years. That means he has to go out and beat everyone he faces, right? That’s tough. But it’s a new dynamic with Sami in there. How can you not enjoy this? It’s great storytelling.”