AEW Dynamite opened with Jon Moxley, who still hasn’t gotten his six week vacation, addressing the crowd. He talked about how he used to wrestle in Indianapolis early in his career.

He declared, “There are three constants: Death. Taxes. And Jon Moxley. There is nobody that can out work me, out hustle me, out wrestle me, out fight me, out bleed me, or out sweat me. Nothing has changed since Day One. Here at AEW, I am at the top of the food chain. I do what I want, I say what I want. This ring belongs to me. And you can bet your ass there is not a man in that locker room, there’s not a man in this building, there’s not a man in a 100-mile radius that has the balls to come out here, look me in the eyes and tell me any different.”

*cue “Ghost Town Triumph”*

Page strutted straight to the former AEW World Champion and went nose-to-nose with him. Mox asked, “are you sure you want to do this after what happened last time? Oh, I’m sorry. Do you not remember?” Page replied by punching Moxley. Mox attempted to run away, but Page caught him with more punches. The two battled up to the ramp while Excalibur yelled that he doesn’t know if Hangman is cleared and if he is, it happened last minute.

The two had to be held back from each other. Mox ran at the “Anxious Millennial Cowboy”, but ended up falling off the ramp.

The two fought again backstage with refs and security attempting to break them apart.

Page had been out of action since October when he suffered a concussion in the main event of Dynamite when facing Moxley for the AEW World Championship. He missed Full Gear as well.

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