In the first-ever Men’s Iron Survivor Challenge match, WWE loaded up the match by booking Carmelo Hayes vs. JD McDonagh vs. Grayson Waller vs. Joe Gacy vs. Axiom.

The match’s regulations stated that after the first two competitors, a new competitor would enter the match every five minutes until all five were there. In 25 minutes, the individual who has the most falls will win. A pinfall awards one point to the winner, and the loser is forced to spend 90 seconds in the penalty box.

The entrant list be Axiom, JD, Hayes, Gacy, and Waller. 

Hayes picked up the first fall on Axiom. Waller hit his finisher to Axiom and JD for double pinfalls. Waller with a back suplex to Hayes on the announce table. Axiom rolled up Waller for a pinfall. Axiom with a canadian destroyer then hit his finisher for another fall on JD.

Gacy with a clothesline to Axiom for a near fall then put him in a submission hold for the submission fall. Gacy picked up a pinfall on Hayes.  Hayes with the crossface to Waller for the submission fall.  Waller pinned Axiom after Axiom received a leg drop from Hayes and that was the final fall.  

As a result of winning the match, Waller has earned the right to challenge NXT Champion Bron Breakker for the championship at a later date.