Will Vince McMahon return to WWE? Not if the WWE Universe can help it.

McMahon retired from the promotion in July of this year after over four decades in charge, due to allegations of misconduct with female employees.

An investigation into McMahon determined that $12 million had been paid in Non-Disclosure Agreements over 16 years that should have been listed on the promotion’s expenses.

The Comeback

McMahon’s departure in July was a shocking moment many fans thought they’d never see, but the 77-year-old is reportedly eyeing up a return.

The Wall Street Journal reports that McMahon regrets retiring earlier this year, and believes that the allegations against him would have “blown over” had he stayed in the role.

McMahon also believes he was given bad advice to retire by those closest to him, though the report does not name any specific persons who advised him to go.

The Petition

While fans will ultimately have no say on if McMahon does make the mother of all comebacks, some fans are letting their voices be heard.

On Change.org, a petition has been started that is hoping to prevent the billionaire’s return to the company.

The petition notes that in the post-Vince McMahon era “employment has increased, revenue has increased and overall enjoyment and become a watchable product again in grand scale.”

It adds that keeping McMahon away is “best for business.”

The petition currently has over 300 signatures with a goal of 500.

You can check out the petition and sign it yourself by clicking here.