Professional wrestling legend Konnan has received some good news amid his ongoing health struggles.

Last year, Konnan suffered a difficult bout with Covid-19 and would require heart surgery in January of this year.

In February, the Wrestling Observer Newsletter reported that Konnan was in need of a new kidney.


Earlier this month, Konnan told listeners of his Keepin It 100 podcast that he is still in search of a donor.

Speaking on the latest episode of the show, the AAA star gave a positive update, saying that fans have gotten in touch about a donation.

“I don’t really like to talk about myself or make myself the victim or poor guy or, you know, that’s not me. But something really nice happened, man. I had a lot of candidates say, ‘Hey, I will donate a kidney to you.’ I’m very touched. I haven’t gotten back to anybody yet. But I will. And somebody’s gonna save my life, bro. You know, and that’s a beautiful thing. So it restores my faith in humanity, which I have very little left in it.”

Konnan added that the stress over his health issues has deprived him of sleep for the past five to six months.

Konnan in AEW

In June of last year, Konnan made his debut for All Elite Wrestling, where he was attacked by FTR.

The segment ended with the popular tag team hitting him with a Piledriver, while Tully Blanchard mocked him.

Speaking about his appearance later on, Konnan said that one AEW star was shocked to see him, saying that Konnan “sh*ts on us so much” on his podcast.