AEW TBS Champion Jade Cargill is a wrestler unlike any other in the industry today, according to ex-WWE writer Freddie Prinze Jr.

Cargill, who previously tried out for WWE, joined AEW in November 2020 and had her debut match in March 2021.

Teaming with Shaquille O’Neal to defeat Cody Rhodes and Red Velvet in her debut, Cargill remains unpinned and unsubmitted in AEW.

The Loss

In January of this year, Cargill added another impressive accolade to her young career, capturing the AEW TBS Championship.

At Full Gear, Cargill retained against Nyla Rose, and regained the championship title that Rose had stolen weeks earlier.

Speaking about Cargill on the latest episode of Wrestling with Freddie, the actor/wrestling pundit spoke about when Cargill’s first loss should happen.

“I really hope they give her a meaningful storyline, and I guess maybe, you save it until she loses [the AEW TBS Title.] And then it’s sort of her story of redemption. Maybe that’s what they’re waiting on.”

The Unicorn

Prinze is a big fan of Cargill but is not a big fan of the booking she has received in AEW.

Recently, the ex-WWE writer called her angle with Rose AEW’s “most ridiculous storyline” and is glad it has ended.

Speaking about the booking of the AEW TBS Champion, Prinze argued that Jade needs to be treated differently given how she is different from others on the roster.

Maybe some of y’all have enjoyed the storylines for her. But I just think when you have a unicorn you have to treat that beast differently than any other.

“Lions and tigers and bears are cool, but a Unicorn, a Minotaur, a Cerberus. They’re magic, and they’re treated that way in the stories I read as a kid. And that’s what Jade is, she’s a Unicorn.”

“When you have a unicorn you have to treat that beast differently than any other.”

Freddie Prinze Jr. on Jade Cargill.

Cargill and the Baddies have recently been at odds with rapper Bow Wow, with some expecting a match between the two down the line.