American eXcellence Wrestling will launch in 2023. Former WWE announcer and current NJPW commentator, Kevin Kelly announced its launch on Sunday via Twitter.

The promotion’s inaugural event takes place just three days after Wrestle Kingdom 17 on January 7 in Hamburg, Pennsylvania at the historic Hamburg Field House.

Kelly confirmed that the has a financial stake in the promotion. He also said that he hopes to do some podcasts about the promotion and how it came about, but mentioned the possibility explaining it in a Facebook video. He did reveal a little bit of why he wanted to start AXW including the “history of the building, Ron Fuller Welch and his Studcast inspired me to put on my ‘promoter hat’. My Sales experience, leading a team of entrepreneurs who love wrestling, will help.”

Kevin Kelly Offers Details on AXW

Kelly has been offering a few details about American eXcellence Wresting on Twitter. First and foremost, it is AXW and not AEW “so we don’t get sued.”

The shows are live event only for now and Kelly will not be doing commentary for AXW. He did hint at the possibility “when things get cranked up.”

Hamburg Field House was home to the WWWF in the 1970s and 1980s. Kelly noted that the original lights hung by Vince McMahon, Sr. are still in use.

NWA referee, Jarrod Fritz has confirmed his involvement in the promotion. Fritz has also worked shows with NJPW Strong and Premiere Wrestling Experience (PWX) in Charlotte, NC, where Kelly has done some commentary work in the past.

Tickets for the first show are available at http://AXWTIX.COM.