It’s the name of his book, it’s one of his catchphrases, and it’s the mantra by which he’s lived for the last 25 years.

‘Controversy Creates Cash,’ Eric Bischoff says, and boy does it. Except in the case of Elon Musk’s acquisition of Twitter.

In a move that surprised absolutely nobody, when Musk officially became the owner of Twitter, the once prominent social media app took a nosedive into the red, with advertisers fleeing almost as quickly as Twitter’s former employees.

NPR reported that Twitter has lost 50 of its top 100 advertisers since Musk took over, including Apple, Chevrolet, Chipotle Mexican Grill, Ford, Jeep, and many others.

Musk himself has said that Twitter is in “the fast lane to bankruptcy,” leading many people to believe that Musk bought the app simply to destroy it from the inside out. Probably because people kept making fun of his hairline and tum tum.

Still, one person who seems to hold immense respect for the Tesla CEO is former WCW President Eric Bischoff.

Eric Bischoff

Eric Bischoff Respects Elon Musk

Bischoff has @’d the owner of Twitter at various points, but his most recent tweet is one that may resonate with pro wrestling fans.

On Sunday, Musk created a poll asking users if he should step down as CEO of Twitter. Unsurprisingly, 57% of people said yes. Then, the backtracking began.

Self-professed ‘media personality’ Collin Rugg tweeted that Elon Musk hinted that the reason he created the poll was as ‘a trick to catch bots.’

Which is one theory. Another theory is that the man has an extremely fragile ego and created the poll to affirm to himself that people actually like him which, as the poll proved, the majority of people do not.

Still, Eric Bischoff seems to believe that it was a genius idea, as he tweeted that “If true, THIS should make him Booker of the Year!”

Bischoff did not elaborate on what Musk is actually booking (besides, like, his own public unraveling), but it’s clear Bischoff respects Musk for the businessman that he is. And with good reason. Other than Twitter, Musk has been extremely successful with his business ventures. He’s one of the world’s richest men for a reason. But, much like the belief that with great power comes great responsibility; with great wealth comes great ego. And many people believe that’s all Twitter is to Elon Musk – a vanity project.

Which begs the question…Who booked this shit?