Is Bill Goldberg and an errant really to blame for Bret Hart‘s career-ending concussion?

That’s certainly been the consensus for decades after the Hitman took a stiff kick from Goldberg during their match at Starrcade 1999.

After the match, Hart would be diagnosed with a concussion which would lead to his retirement from wrestling, and the Hitman has loathed Goldberg ever since.

The Real Concussion

Due to this kick, Goldberg has spent years being labeled ‘dangerous’ and ‘unprofessional’ by countless fans as well as some wrestlers.

On the latest edition of his 83 Weeks podcast, former WCW President Eric Bischoff argued that another spot from the match is to blame.

“I’m looking at Bret bouncing his head off the concrete or the ring post, whatever it was, and if I had to put my money, I would put it on that concussion occurring on that bump as much or more so than the kick to the head.”

Eric Bischoff.

Hart would defeat Goldberg in the main event by submission when ‘Rowdy’ Roddy Piper called for the bell, mimicking the Montreal Screwjob of two years earlier.

Bret and Goldberg

Whether it was a shot by the ring post or the superkick, Bret Hart has been very anti-Goldberg in the decades since what happened.

Hart has previously called on WWE to remove Goldberg from the Hall of Fame, after the former Universal Champion was inducted in 2018.

Bret has also admitted that he is mad that Goldberg has been able to wrestle and earn millions with WWE after what happened between them.

h/t – Bodyslam