AEW’s Dustin Rhodes is ready to call it a career after announcing that next year will be his last as a wrestler.

Rhodes joined the wrestling industry in 1998 as part of Championship Wrestling from Florida but would debut for WCW in December of that same year.

Rhodes has also competed for WWE, where is best known for his envelope-pushing role as Goldust, and currently competes for All Elite Wrestling.


At the recent Blizzard Brawl tapings, Rhodes announced that 2023 will be his last year in wrestling.

This news comes after Rhodes teased his retirement in October, saying that time comes for all of us.

Last month, the former WWE Intercontinental Champion stated that he has about a year left on his contract with AEW.

Dustin Rhodes: A Retrospective

Years before becoming Goldust in the WWF, Rhodes worked for the promotion under his real name from 1990 to 1991, where he was aligned on-screen with his father Dusty.

It wouldn’t be until 1995 that Rhodes would don his iconic face paint, wig, and bodysuit, but would occasionally ditch the persona in the promotion.

In 1999, Rhodes would return to WCW, this time as ‘Seven’ but would immediately break character to bash the character.

Returning to the WWF in 2002, Rhodes would remain for a few more years before joining TNA Wrestling as ‘Black Reign.’

It was Rhodes’ final return to WWE in 2013 that would see him team with his brother Cody, winning the WWE Tag Team Championships from The Shield in October of that year.

In addition to competing for AEW, Rhodes also works as a coach backstage for the promotion.