The modern generation of wrestlers have gotten smarter with their career choices. Unlike the older generation, many of the current-era wrestlers have started thinking about their future after retirement. They have started branching out to other professions they can work in after hanging their boots. Dolph Ziggler is one such star who has found an unlikely career in stand-up comedy.

The former world champion originally started it off as a hobby but he has slowly been creeping it up. It has gotten to a point where Ziggler has taken extended periods off from WWE to headline comedy tours.

During a recent appearance on The Archive of B-Sox podcast, the 42-year-old was asked if he plans to transition to a full-time comedy career in the coming time. Ziggler explained that he doesn’t want to leave the wrestling space but slow it down with time:

You Don’t Get To Wrestle Forever: Dolph Ziggler

“It’s really fun for me to devote half of my week to that kind of stuff. You don’t get to wrestle forever. I’ve been very lucky so far. I may be here for 10 nonstop years in a row. who knows?” said Dolph Ziggler, “But I like being able to branch out and do some other things. Whether go talk politics somewhere, do an interview, do a one man show do an improv show. Do an audition for something on Broadway.

Everything that gets you on stage, get that presence and just gets the rap going and gets you smoother and comfortable. That helps you as a stand up, but it also helps you in the ring, so [it] makes me a better wrestler. So either way, it’s a win-win. But I would love in 15 years from now, I’m showing up at WWE four times a year to wrestle somebody in a big match, and the rest of the year, I’m bouncing around. Me and Mick Foley are doing a comedy show or something.”

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