Becky Lynch made a great impression portraying Cyndi Lauper on NBC’s Young Rock, a series about the life of The Rock. She’s also done voice acting for the Rumble movie after making her movie debut in The Marine 6. 

Lynch’s appearance on the comedy series wasn’t t the only on-screen role she’s had of late. In 2021, Fightful Select learned Lynch was cast for a Marvel movie. Rumors then came out that Lynch would appear in a Marvel movie, but details were far and between until late 2021 when the media outlet confirmed Lynch had a role., However, nobody connected to Marvel would confirm it on the record. 

Didn’t Make The Cut

Becky Lynch

After speaking with Marvel sources, it was revealed that her scenes had been left on the cutting room floor, which is something writer Kris Tapley had recently tweeted about. 

Per the report, the role was for Marvel Eternals in a post-credit scene to set up something for a future installment. It’s unclear what the role specifically was. One person who knew about the situation noted that the post-credits scene was “too depressing,” although no further context was given.

Although the post-credits scene ended up being nixed, the possibility of using Lynch in future films is not out of the question. Lynch previously confirmed earlier this year about having conversations with Marvel, but not that she’d filmed for the movie. Sources at Marvel said that they were happy with the portrayal.

The future of Marvel Eternals is in doubt due to mixed reviews and an underwhelming box office performance. The release date was pushed back multiple times due to the COVID-19 pandemic.