Bruno Sammartino. Hulk Hogan. ‘Stone Cold’ Steve Austin. John Cena. Roman Reigns. Austin Theory?

Earlier this year, it appeared that Theory was destined for greatness, having been personally endorsed by Mr. McMahon and holding the Money in the Bank contract.

Since McMahon’s retirement in July, things have gone downhill for Theory, who failed in his MITB contract cash-in attempt on U.S. Champion Seth Rollins last week.


On this week’s Raw, a much-more serious Theory defeated Dolph Ziggler and attacked Rollins, signaling that his feud with the latter is far from over.

During After the Bell, Corey Graves, who called on fans to give the story a chance last week, had a huge prediction for WWE‘s youngest United States Champion.

“I believe in Austin Theory. I don’t believe he’s ‘that guy’ yet, but in my heart of hearts as a nerd who’s spent way too much time studying the history of this business and watching it and loving it with all my being, I believe Austin Theory is the next megastar [of WWE.] And I think on Monday a lot of people started to believe as well.”

“I believe Austin Theory is the next megastar.”

Corey Graves

Letting things Play Out

After Theory’s failed cash-in attempt, fans were quick to criticize WWE for ‘burying’ the young Superstar and ‘wasting’ the contract.

On his show, Graves noted how fans were quick to jump the gun and called it a problem that exceeds far past just Theory’s situation.

“Let everything play out. Everybody loves to get ahead of themselves and jump on Twitter. ‘Oh this is it! Austin Theory’s done. He’s buried. Why would you do this to the guy?’ Let the story play out. This is WWE. World Wrestling Entertainment [emphasis on entertainment.]

“Let the story play out.”

Corey Graves’ advice to fans.

“There is a story involved. There’s curiosity. There’s drama. There are red herrings. Just like any source of literature. It’s entertainment. So let it play out. What we saw was a whole new chapter for Austin Theory.”

Seth Rollins

Theory has been a main event star in recent weeks but has been working closely with Seth Rollins.

With Roman Reigns missing from Raw on a weekly basis, the reigning U.S. Champion has taken the mantle as WWE’s top Superstar on the red brand.

On his show, Graves explained why Rollins is playing such an important role to elevate Theory.

“Rollins has been one of the mechanisms in this story, that has helped elevate Austin Theory’s stock in the eyes of the viewers. Yes, Rollins was the one who beat him but that was an essential part of the story. What Rollins is doing simultaneously is elevating the United States Championship.”

While no championship rematch has been announced, Rollins and Theory are expected to feud in the coming weeks, including a possible match at Survivor Series WarGames.