Cora Jade angered a lot of fans when she re-created a classic moment from history and threw the NXT Women’s Championship belt in trash. The heat she received wasn’t limited to social media either and she actually had a crazy experience on the road.

The 21-year-old recently appeared on the Mark Moses Show. Among other things she also talked about her recreation of the famous moment by Alundra Blayze.

Revealing the reactions to it, Jade recalled how her mom, who had seen the original clip thought that it was really cool. Though the fans didn’t think the same. When asked if she received heat for the moment, Cora Jade revealed an incident that happened with her during a drive:

“Definity. I looked at my Twitter and I was like ‘I’m gonna close it’. As soon as I opened it, [I] closed it. They were pretty mad at me that day. You know what’s crazy? The other day I was driving and I was stuck in traffic and someone kept honking their horn at me.

I looked up and it was somebody with a Mandy Rose Toxic Attraction sign out the window. They were just booing me. I was just in the front seat of my car and I was like ‘Is this actually happening right now?’ Even on the road they hate me.”

Alundra Blayze jumped ship from WWF to WCW back in 1995. She was the WWF Women’s Champion at the time. While the company stripped her of the title upon the switch, she never officially lost the belt. During her WCW debut on Nitro, Blayze threw the title belt into a trash can and was subsequently blacklisted by WWF.

Cora Jade recreated this moment with the NXT Women’s Tag Team titles during an episode in July. She had won the title with Roxanne Perez but Jade turned on Perez. She then threw the title belt into trash.

You can check out a video of the segment below:

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