Control Your Narrative banned multiple prominent moves when they were founded earlier this year, but there was a method to EC3’s supposed madness.

After his 2020 release from WWE, EC3 hosted multiple cinematic matches and announced Control Your Narrative as a promotion in February of this year.

In addition to Control Your Narrative, EC3 competed for Impact at Bound for Glory 2020, and signed with Ring of Honor in 2021, but was released when the company announced they would be closing their doors.

Banned Moves

After Control Yor Narrative was announced, EC3 announced the rules on social media, which earned ridicule from fans.

Those on social media mocked rules including rule 1 (You are in control) and rule 2 (YOU ARE IN CONTROL.)

Rule 5 of Control Your Narrative announced that Superkicks, Tope Suicidas, and Canadian Destroyers are banned in the company.

Speaking on the Wrestling Perspective Podcast, EC3 explained his decision-making process.

“Part of my reality towards wrestling is how these amazing athletic moves are thrown away by overuse. They have no effectiveness. They have no reason. They have no rhyme, and these are some of the coolest ‘quote’ moves, physical feats that wrestling has to offer, and they’re just they’re thrown away.

“So by banning them, I therefore made them far more effective than they have ever been. They mean more, and there have been super kicks on CYN Shows. Every time that’s happened, maybe the Ref’s back was turned, maybe someone got disqualified, but every time somebody got kicked in the face, they were hurt.”

The Future of CYN

Fans won’t be seeing many (if any) of these banned moves at CYN events, but they may not be seeing any moves from Control Your Narrative.

Right now, the promotion is on a hiatus, and was forced to cancel plans for a tour that was scheduled for late 2022.

The news of the tour’s cancellation came days after Braun Strowman (a CYN co-founder) returned to WWE in September of this year.

h/t – eWrestlingNews