On the final RAW of the year, WWE took a look back at big moments from 2022. One of the biggest moments of the year was Cody Rhodes jumping ship from the company he helped create to the company that didn’t see him as a star.

During his return to WWE, Rhodes had three matches against Seth Rollins. Their last match took place at Hell in a Cell in June. Rhodes wrestled with a torn pectoral muscle. WWE announced after his surgery that he’d likely be out for nine months. That would put him out of action until March 2023, however “The American Nightmare” has hinted that his return could come at Royal Rumble.

Cody Rhodes Discusses Plans for 2023

Cody Rhodes

Appearing on RAW in a pre-taped segment, Rhodes said he wants to “pick up right where I left off.”

“I am being incredibly vague here and I get it. Anyone who is a fan of what we do can read between the lines. There is one thing that I came back for specifically. One thing. And again, a torn pec couldn’t stop me. I couldn’t name anything that can stop me. It has to be done. It needs to be done. And I want to get it done.”

Rhodes is of course talking about winning the WWE Championship. When he returned to the company, he made it clear that he wanted to win the championship that his father, Dusty, could never win.

Earlier on Monday, Wrestling News Co. said that the current plan for WrestleMania 39 main event is for Seth Rollins to face either Rhodes or Drew McIntyre for the WWE Championship. Night Two would be Roman Reigns versus an undetermined opponent for the Universal Championship. If The Rock cannot wrestle at WrestleMania, then Rhodes would face Reigns.

It seems like Rhodes will get a title shot at WrestleMania one way or another. It’s unclear which night and which title. It’s possible that Rhodes will have to wait a while longer to become WWE Champion, but could become the Universal champion in the meantime. Assuming he returns during the Royal Rumble and wins, he can “choose” which title he wants to compete for at “The Show of Shows”.