For months after the proverbial ‘Brawl Out’ situation between CM Punk and The Elite (Kenny Omega and The Young Bucks) CM Punk has pretty much remained radio silent on all of his social media platforms.

Recently, Dax Harwood spoke about Punk on the first episode of his podcast for Adfree Shows. Since then, Punk has come out of the woodwork on a couple of occasions.

As always, Punk has chosen to remain mysterious and evocative with his social media presence.

On December 28, a twitter user quote a comment that Dax made on his podcast, in which he pleaded that CM Punk and The Elite “find a way to make it work.” Punk responded to the tweet, simply saying ‘Duh.’

It gave a lot of people hope that maybe, possibly, there might be a way to turn ‘Brawl Out’ into an angle that would make everybody involved a lot of money.

CM Punk on stage

CM Punk Toots His Own Horn

Now, Punk has made a couple more posts, touting his success in AEW in terms of merchandise and video views.

Punk noted that his action figure was the number-one seller for AEW action figures in 2022. His AEW debut action figure was also the number-six best seller. That action figure came complete with an ice cream bar and commemorative t-shirt.

Punk was also the subject of three of the top 10 viewed YouTube videos that were published in 2022.

Whether Punk is simply taking a victory lap, or trying to sell others on how big of a “draw” he was remains to be seen. But there can be no question, Punk was a big component of the success of AEW in 2022.

Hopefully he could be a part of their success in 2023 as well.