CM Punk is ready and willing to move on to his “next project” and part ways with All Elite Wrestling.

Punk joined the promotion in August 2021 after over a seven-year hiatus from wrestling.

The two-time former AEW World Champion hasn’t been seen on TV since All Out due to his role in the backstage fight.

Moving On

Last month, it was reported that CM Punk is the one seeking a buyout of his contract, something that AEW is in no rush to grant.

In the latest Wrestling Observer Newsletter, it is reported that Punk remains under contract with Tony Khan at this time, and is still being paid.

Sources close to Punk reiterated that delays in his being released are all down to AEW’s side of things.

Those same sources added that CM Punk is “ready and willing to move to his next project.”

Outside of wrestling, Punk provides commentary for Cage Fury Fighting Championships and has previously written comics for Marvel.

Punk also has appeared in multiple films, and was critically acclaimed for his role in 2019’s ‘Girl on the Third Floor.’

Going Back…

CM Punk may have options outside of wrestling, but moving on from AEW may lead to going back to WWE.

Punk walked out of the promotion in 2014 and was sent his termination papers on his wedding day, an unfortunate coincidence according to former WWE CEO Vince McMahon.

It has been reported that Triple H is open to working with Punk, realizing the huge deal that having arguably AEW’s biggest star on his roster would be.

While the Game is open to discussing a Punk return, others in WWE absolutely do not want him back.