Marcus “Buff” Bagwell has updated his fans regarding his sobriety. 

The former WCW star noted in a post on Twitter that he’s been sober for 117 days and is on a healthy path toward recovery. Bagwell added that sharing his experiences on Cameo and with those at live events has been super beneficial for his process. 

His full tweet reads, “117 days sober. My walk of sobriety has just begun but I have learned so much in just a few months! Thank you to all those who continue to support me. Sharing my experience on my cameos and at recent live events has been a huge part of knowing I’m on the right path.”


Back in October, in a video posted on the DDP Yoga YouTube channel, Bagwell revealed that he was working on the “Change Or Die” project to document his addiction issues before going to rehab. Bagwell said that when an intervention was done on him, and he initially didn’t want to go to rehab, he decided to go through with it. 

WWE Hall of Famer Diamond Dallas Page commented on Bagwell’s post to tell him that he is super proud of the progress he’s made. 

The WWE Hall Of Famer has been instrumental in Bagwell’s recovery as he’s been working next to him at his compound. He previously helped Jake “The Snake” Roberts and Scott Hall with their addictions. Check out the tweets below.