Britt Baker is fired up after Saraya “ripped her to shreds” during a promo last week on AEW Dynamite. Saraya held nothing back when she laid out her long, painful journey to getting ‘medically cleared’ after several years on the sidelines due to injuries.

After having a few days to process everything, Baker admits Saraya is a real-life role model with an inspiring story. She aspires to achieve Saraya’s level of worldwide stardom. For now, she wants to make one thing clear: AEW is still her house. The two will clash this weekend at Full Gear after months of build, which began long before Saraya arrived in All Elite Wrestling at Grand Slam.

The former AEW Women’s champion appeared on Busted Open Radio this week to discuss her mentality heading into the pay-per-view.

“It definitely motivated me, because she ripped me apart. She literally ripped me to shreds.”

– Britt Baker on Saraya’s promo (AEW Dynamite, 11/9/22)

“So, I was kind of in shock for a second,” said Baker. “It was very surreal hearing everything she was saying to me. Even everything she went through, that was very real and raw. That’s totally her. Her digs at me aside, this girl is a real life role model. Everything she went through, everything she’s overcome. Now she’s standing in a ring across the top girl in AEW. Hats off to her, but this is my house. And the fans know that. They told you that, this is my house.”

This Girls’ a Star

Toni Storm‘s Interim AEW Women’s Championship defense against Jamie Hayter has the higher stakes, but Baker vs. Saraya is the most anticipated women’s match at Full Gear.

Baker says Saraya will bring new eyes to AEW, which will help the company’s expansion. She also understands that Saraya may not be angry with her specifically, even though she felt the wrath last week.

“She has her hardcore group of fans,” said Baker. “This girl’s a star. There’s probably that don’t even watch wrestling that watched her family’s movie that want to watch this match because they’re a fan of her and the story. She’s a worldwide star and I can’t take that away from her. Actually, I would like to be what she is one day. But when it comes to AEW, this is my house, you can’t come in to my house and tell me that you laid the foundation. You didn’t lay a single brick.”

“I’m happy that she said every single word she did in that promo, because this is the most fired up I’ve ever been and it’s not every day that I get to stand in the ring face to face and do a back and forth promo with someone. That was really exciting. Even though she was cutting me deep, and she certainly was cutting me deep, it was very motivating, because I did feel how raw she was.

“She was angry and i don’t think she’s angry at me. I think she’s angry at the situation, but what she told me that I don’t have what it takes to be a star, ok well if you meant to say it or not, you said it, because now, all bets are off. You’re cleared, let’s have a match, let’s go this Saturday.”

AEW Full Gear takes place this Saturday, November 18th from 19th from Newark, NJ. The event airs live on pay-per-view.