The WWE NXT Deadline event aired live on Peacock from Orlando, Florida at the Capitol Wrestling Center. 

WWE NXT Deadline Results 

  •  Roxanne Perez won the Women’s Iron Survivor Challenge Match.
  • Isla Dawn def. Alba Fyre.
  • The New Day def.  Pretty Deadly to win the NXT Tag Team Titles.
  • Grayson Waller won the Men’s Iron Survivor Challenge Match.
  • NXT Champion Bron Breakker def. Apollo Crews.

Here are the takeaways from this week’s show:

Tag Title Bout

Pretty Deadly (Kit Wilson and Elton Prince) put the WWE NXT Tag Team Titles against The New Day (Xavier Woods and Kofi Kingston).

Prince and Kingston had a twerk off.  Woods did some springboard spots with Kingston. Pretty Deadly gained the momentum and beat down Kingston. Woods with a headkick then a spring board DDT for a near fall. Both teams did the Eddie Guerrero spot with the title and all four stars were down on the ground. Behind the referee’s match, Wilson hit Woods with the title for 2. In the end, Kofi with a double foot stomp off the top rope to Prince for the win. 

Isla Dawn vs. Alba Fyre

Isla Dawn vs. Alba Fyre in a singles match took place. 

The match saw Dawn control the majority of it. Down the stretch, Fyre did some near falls, including a glory bomb. The referee fell down and was puking up black liquid. Dawn tossed Fyre head-first into an exposed turnbuckle before connecting with her finisher for the win.

Men’s Iron Survivor Challenge Match

The Men’s Iron Survivor Challenge match saw Carmelo Hayes vs. JD McDonagh vs. Grayson Waller vs. Joe Gacy vs. Axiom take place. 

The match’s regulations stated that after the first two competitors, a new competitor would enter the match every five minutes until all five were there. In 25 minutes, the individual who has the most falls will win. A pinfall awards one point to the winner, and the loser is forced to spend 90 seconds in the penalty box. The winner will receive a future NXT Title shot. 

Axiom and JD started things off followed by Hayes, Gacy, and Waller. 

Hayes picked up the first fall on Axiom. Waller was out next and hit his finisher to Axiom and JD for double pinfalls. Waller with a back suplex to Hayes on the announce table. Axiom rolled up Waller for a pinfall. Axiom with a canadian destroyer then hit his finisher for another fall on JD. Gacy put him in a submission hold for the submission fall. JD beat up Axiom in the penalty box as Gacy picked up a pinfall on Hayes. 

Axiom hit a back flip off the penalty box. Hayes with the crossface to Waller for the submission fall before Hayes went for a spring board move, but JD headbutted him.  The finish saw Hayes connect with his leg drop finisher to Axiom for a near fall as Waller pulled him out of the ring. 

Women’s Iron Survivor Challenge Match

Zoey Stark vs. Cora Jade vs. Kiana James vs. Roxanne Perez vs. Indi Hartwell in the Women’s Iron Survivor Challenge match was booked. 

The match rules were the same as the men’s bout. The winner will receive a future NXT Women’s Title shot. 

The match opened the show. Stark and Perez started things off followed by James, Jade, and Hartwell. 

Stark hit a superkick on Perez for the first fall. Hartwell hit a big boot to Perez for a pinfall. Perez rolled up Stark for a pinfall. Indi with a suplex to Stark on the floor. They did some outside dives. James with a spanish fly to Stark off the top rope. Perez won the match with two falls.

Breakker vs. Crews

NXT Champion Bron Breakker made his latest title defense against Apollo Crews.

After defeating JD McDonagh on a recent edition of NXT, Crews revealed during a vignette on the November 22nd episode of NXT that he earned the next title match. During the vignette, he said that he had been looking forward to this moment for six months and couldn’t wait to meet Breakker.

The match had a slow start as Crews hit a back flip off the apron

After a slow start, Crews caught him with a drop kick. Crews with a back flip off the apron. Bron connected with a brain buster before a standing moonsault for 2. Breakker with a leaping dive over the top rope to the floor. Crews with a powerbomb then two more for a near fall. Crews with a frog splash for 2. Bron hit a bulldog off the top rope for 2. Crews with a powerslam for a near fall. Bron with a spear for the win.  Post-match, Grayson Waller laid out Breakker and ended the show standing tall with the title.