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Braun Strowman’s Controversial Tweets Referenced on WWE SmackDown


Braun Strowman’s controversial tweets did not go unnoticed during this week’s episode of WWE SmackDown on FOX.

Earlier this month, Strowman took aim at independent wrestling and mocked smaller, more athletic wrestlers, which he called “flippy floppy” wrestlers.

This earned the backlash of fans and wrestlers alike, with Jeff Jarrett calling the former Universal Champion “naive” and EC3 calling his CYN co-founder “idiotic.”

When confronted by others, including Will Ospreay, Strowman would backtrack on his comments, claiming he has “mad respect” for all wrestlers and that it was just a joke.


On SmackDown, Strowman had a backstage segment where he was confronted by Ricochet, one of many high-flying Superstars in WWE who made their name on the indies.

Promoting their match next week, the One and Only warned Strowman not to underestimate him and referenced the tweet.

“I know you’re not one for big thinking. You’re looking way too far into the future because if you keep looking past these ‘flippy flipper’, your words not mine, it might come back to bite you.”


Strowman and Ricochet, both representing the United States, will face off next week in a SmackDown World Cup Tournament semi-finals match.


Strowman may insist that he was just kidding with his comments, but it appears the damage has been done.

Fightful report that while Braun has been on his best behavior when at WWE events, his only presence, dubbed “social media Braun” is another story.

WWE management is said to be well aware of Braun’s recent comments that caused so much ire, and Fightful adds that this was not part of any storyline.

During SmackDown, Michael Cole teased that next week he would elaborate on what Strowman said on social media.