Booker T has finally revealed whether or not he’d be willing to wrestle in the Royal Rumble match next year.

The two-time WWE Hall Of Famer took to his podcast, “The Hall Of Fame,” to discuss his return to the wrestling ring. Booker announced recently that he’ll be returning to the ring on December 18 for his Reality of Wrestling’s Christmas Chaos event.

Since making the announcement, the former World Champion admits that his phone has been ringing nonstop with offers to wrestle. He even revealed that WWE has made offers themselves, but the circumstances just weren’t right at the time.

He did, however, note that he could be interested in doing a match for one of WWE’s Saudi Arabia shows. In regards to potentially competing in January’s Royal Rumble match, Booker T seems very interested, and is simply waiting on the call.

“I will be checking the mail everyday all the way up until that day, because if I get an invitation I’m definitely going to execute it, I’m definitely going to be there and I’m going to be prepared to be in the middle of the ring if that happens.

“But no, nobody’s talked to me or anything like that about being in the Rumble. I don’t have any itches to scratch or anything like that, but hey man, I’m always down.”

This year’s Royal Rumble event will take place from San Antonio, Texas, Booker’s home state. His presence would certainly be an electric one, as the Texas native is a six-time World Champion.

Quotes via Wrestling Inc.