Bobby Lashley is having one of the best years of his WWE career. He’s fought Brock Lesnar twice, with each man claiming a victory over the other. He had an impressive run with the United States Championship and elevated that prize through a series of dominant title defenses.

Unfortunately, Lashley’s US title reign recently came to an end at the hands of Seth Rollins. Since then, Lashley has been hell-bent on reclaiming what he feels is rightfully his. The Almighty is usually known for his calm demeanor, but he wants WWE Superstars to know he won’t hesitate to inflict pain on anybody who stands in his way.

Lashley spoke with Cathy Kelley backstage after Monday’s Raw and said you can’t be ‘Mr. Nice Guy’ and expect to get ahead. If you do, people will take you for granted and walk all over you. Those days are over. He’s got a new mindset – thanks to a “little birdie” that showed him the light.

“What I’ve come to understand here is that you have to take what you want around here because if not, you get walked over” said Lashley. “I played ‘Mr. Nice Guy’ for way too long. I started to get to this point a little birdie came and told me in my ear, ‘If you just are hurting people and taking people out, who’s gonna stop you?’ I kind of thought about and it’s true.”

“The biggest, baddest person around, Brock Lesnar, I threw him around like a little kid. So now after that, I come in with a little different change of heart and a different mind-frame with everything else. [I’m] still a nice guy, but I’ll hurt anybody that steps in the ring with me from now on.”

Lashley vows to get the United States Championship back from Rollins, one way or another. Ever since Roman Reigns unified the WWE Championship and the Undisputed Championship earlier this year, the US title is the top prize on the Raw Brand. Lashey knows the prestige that comes with holding the gold and is putting Rollins on notice once again.