Former WWE and AEW star Bobby Fish has spoken about the lack of “direction” in the latter promotion.

Fish worked for years as part of NXT and the Undisputed Era before his release from the gold brand in August 2021.

In October of last year, Fish joined AEW where he reunited with Adam Cole and Kyle O’Reilly, but chose not to re-sign with the company when his deal expired in August of this year.


Fish made a big splash when he arrived in AEW, which made his abrupt departure from the promotion this year all the more surprising.

Speaking with The Wrestling Perspective’s Podcast this week, Fish was asked about his AEW run, and said he “would have liked a little more direction.”

Fish was quick to say that AEW, like any other promotion, will never get everything right and that thinking they would is an unfair assumption.


Before coming to AEW, Fish spent four years of his career in WWE NXT, where he is a former NXT Tag Team Champion.

Speaking about his time in the Undisputed Era, Fish said he and the group worked closely with Triple H and NXT Head Writer Joe Belcastro.

Fish is especially proud of his work in WarGames, saying he was a huge fan of the iconic structure during his youth and it was an honor to compete inside.

It was also said that the UE were given bullet points rather than a script to follow, and the group’s success in promos earned them the nickname ‘one-take UE’ amongst the production team.

Fish added that the WWE can be criticized for being overproduced and micromanaged, but it was nothing they dealt with much.