Bill DeMott has been in the wrestling business for many years. He’s been loved, he’s been hated, he’s been criticized, and he’s been ignored. What many wrestling fans may not know is the fact that DeMott’s daughter was killed by a drunk driver in 2015.

It’s a tragic story and, since his daughter’s death, DeMott has spoken out against drunk driving as often as he could.

DeMott even created ‘The Keri Anne DeMott Foundation’ in order to raise awareness of the issues, and to advocate for other families who have been affected by similar tragic circumstances.

The Pandemic of Drunk Driving

DeMott recently spoke a local news source in his hometown in Florida. He talked about the foundation, and tried offer advice to people who may be thinking about getting behind the wheel of a car after drinking.

“This time of year – the holiday season – things have changed,” DeMott told My News 13. “Someone made a decision that took my daughter’s life, and every day we have to make a decision to get up and make that not happen for someone else.”

So, that’s what he does.

According to My News 13, DeMott drives his vehicle, one adorned with his daughter’s face, across Florida to spread their message and to tell their stories.

“[Drinking and driving] has become socially acceptable,” DeMott stated. “I think people are numb to the fact that this is happening, and as long as it’s not happening to them, it doesn’t exist.”

It does exist, though.

It was reported that in 2019, there were 10,142 fatalities due to drunk driving. This is not a new problem, and it’s not one that will go away until people start taking it seriously. That’s what DeMott aims to tell people with his foundation, and it’s a message worth hearing.