Wrestling fans can expect All Elite Wrestling‘s flagship shows to have a new look and feel in the very near future.

In recent months, Warner Bros. Discovery and AEW President Tony Khan decided it’s time to change the overall look and presentation of Dynamite and Rampage. Those changes will be rolled out at some point in January, according to the latest Wrestling Observer Newsletter.

AEW’s recent hiring of Michael Mansury is a big part of this initiative. Mansury previously worked as WWE‘s VP of Global Television Production and will serve as Tony Khan’s new Senior Vice President and Co-Executive Producer.

Mansury is considered a “tremendous asset” who is universally well-liked. He worked for WWE from 2009 through 2020. At one time, he was being groomed to be Kevin Dunn’s successor. Many felt he’d replace Kevin Dunn whenever Vince McMahon stepped away from WWE, but Mansury didn’t wait that long. One WWE source told the Observer, Mansury rose ‘too quickly’ through the ranks, which led Dunn to feel threatened and ‘covertly’ make his life very difficult.

AEW’s New Look and Feel

What will this “new look and feel” entail? There are many elements to AEW’s television productions, including the the set and staging, lighting, graphics and video packages, music, camera angles, audio, and more.

AEW recently brought in Renee Paquette, who has enhanced the broadcast team and by extension, the presentation of the shows.

With AEW’s next round of TV deals approaching, it makes sense for the company to freshen things up now in hopes of being in a better position during negotiations.